• "Jay's presentation at the `Red Bull Glimpses/Human Potential' symposium was remarkable. Our objective was to enlist speakers that transcend the limits of human achievement. Surrounded by a cast of the world's most cutting edge athletes and scientists, Jay shined during his discussion of overcoming risk and human achievement."

    Dr. Andy Walshe

    Director, Red Bull High Performance Global Athlete Development Program; Member, Red Bull Stratos team that on October 14, 2012 helped Felix Baumgartner execute a stratospheric balloon freefall jump from 128,100 feet reaching supersonic speeds before parachuting to the ground.

  • "Jay Dobyns is not your ordinary dynamic speaker. You will be equally moved by his heroic stories and humility. Jay is a rare combination of grizzled lawman, compassionate family man and undercover operative who cracked into the inner circle of the Hells Angels. Not many audiences are tougher than an NFL team but Jay had the Cardinals hanging on his every word."

    Michael Bidwell

    President, Arizona Cardinals Football Club

  • "I asked Jay to speak to my executive banking staff. His presentation was heartfelt, humorous, tear jerking, entertaining and inspiring."

    Robert Sarver

    President and CEO of Western Alliance Bancorp; Owner, NBA Phoenix Suns

  • "Post-event feedback following Jay’s remarks was that we should ask all of our speakers to embrace the themes he sounded.  Jay’s words and insight hit the spot and were exactly what we were looking for.  Jay set a benchmark that we will ask our future presenters to try and match."

    Rick Gonzales

    National Football Foundation & College Football Hall of Fame

  • "I may be the only person that knows Jay at several levels over many, many years. As a friend he is special; as an agent and fellow "operator" there is none better; as a wounded operator and my patient, his toughness and professionalism were inspiring. As a public servant, few have demonstrated his dedication and repeated heroism. The nation and our communities are safer because of his selfless sacrifices."

    Dr. Richard Carmona

    Vice Admiral (Ret.) and 17th Surgeon General of the United States; Distinguished Professor, Public Health, Surgery & Pharmacy Practice, University of Arizona; Deputy Sheriff & SWAT Team Leader, Pima County Sheriff's Department, Tucson, Arizona

  • "Jay Dobyns' ability to draw people into the reality of his undercover past was astonishing and powerful. A dynamic opening to a presentation which captivated an audience of over-achievers. The message of absolute focus and determination for success rang true to my past, and was completely inspiring. Jay is the personification of, `nothing risked - nothing gained'."

    Phil McNichol

    Most decorated and successful coach in U.S. Men's Ski Racing history as the former Head Coach of the American Men's Alpine Team.

  • "At a time when our family needed some uplifting, Jay Dobyns provided us with strong words of encouragement, support, and inspired us on how to live again in the wake of the tragic loss of our son and brother."

    Family of Brian Terry

    Slain U.S. Border Patrol Agent and Marine

  • "During my forty years as a member of this organization (San Diego City Club) we have been addressed by Presidents and world leaders, professional Athletes and A-list entertainers but I must say, Jay Dobyns’ presentation was the most inspirational talk we have ever had the privilege to receive."

    Reverend George Walker Smith

    Social Activist

  • "Jay Dobyns brought down the house with an incredible speech at the Razorfish Client Summit. There was not a dry eye in the house by the time he was finished. I know because I was there. Huge thumbs-up for Jay Dobyns."

    David Deal

    Vice-President, Razorfish Marketing Agency

  • "Jay Dobyns has spoken to my team and his message is inspirational. Our kids absolutely loved him. They thought he was one of the best speakers they have heard in all their years at the University of Arizona. His story is one of courage and heroism. You will be on the edge of your seats when you listen to Jay speak."

    Lute Olson

    Inductee, Basketball Hall of Fame; NCAA championship-winning Head Basketball Coach, University of Arizona

  • "In the 35-year history of The City Club of San Diego and more than 1,000 programs presented in the public interest, we’ve not had a more compelling speaker than Jay Dobyns. There’s a dark side in America where people’s lives are ruined by drugs and violence, including the innocent. Jay Dobyns, in dramatic fashion, reveals that world and the threat it poses. This is the world he lived in as an undercover agent and the story he tells is unforgettable."

    George Mitrovich

    President of The City Club of San Diego

  • "As the leader of a law enforcement unit in the military, I asked Jay to tell his story to my troops. This group of mainly combat veterans found Jay's experiences relevant and compelling; He kept my young officers riveted to their seats throughout his presentation."

    Maj. Christopher "Kit" Johnson

    Commander, 355th Security Forces, USAF

  • "In the public speaking arena you must have "credibility" in the subject matter you are speaking about. When it comes to inspiration, resiliency and beating the odds, Jay Dobyns has that credibility."

    Glenn P. Howell

    Sports Conditioning Specialist/Radio and Television Host

  • “He’ll land next to a criminal softer than a butterfly with sore feet and with his next step, take their head off. He’s able to convince the bad guys that he’s badder than they are and in a turn, charm an aristocrat. A man among men. He’s a top-draw speaker and a friend I admire. Sit back and listen. After a few minutes with Dobyns, you’ll admire him too.”

    William "Billy" Queen

    Special Agent ATF (Ret.); Author of the New York Times Best Seller, “Under and Alone”

  • “Jay kept over 1,000 of our conference attendees glued to folding chairs for four hours. You could have heard a pin drop. Holding a law enforcement audience's attention for that long and under those circumstances is unheard of. Incredible show!"

    Mindy Grizzard-Applewhite

    Executive Board Member, Virginia Gang Investigators Association

  • "Jay Dobyns is the epitome of ‘street smart meets intellect’. His keen insight into human psychology and physical dangers is the stuff legends are made of. The U.S. Marine Corps had Carlos Hatchcock (Vietnam sniper), the FBI had Joe Pistone (aka: `Donnie Brasco') and now the ATF has its Jay ‘Bird’ Dobyns. A selfless American patriot who understood personal sacrifices for mission accomplishment. He's the man you want covering your six."

    CWO4 C.W. "Gator" Harvey

    USMC (Ret.), Counterintelligence Officer (Ret.), Special Operations Forces (Ret.); Manager, Missions and Operations, Northrop Grumman, IT (TASC); Owner, Small Business S-Corps

  • Jay Dobyns’ story is one of courage and determination, of leading a team into a battle zone of crime under extreme hardship – coming out with scarred bodies and souls and the wisdom to learn the hard lessons from both victory and defeat.

    Julian Sher

    Novelist and Investigative Reporter; Author of “Angels of Death: Inside the Biker’s Global Crime Empire“

  • “Jay was a leader on my teams, he is a leader in our community, and he was a one of those players that becomes special to a coach because he did everything asked of him to win.”

    Larry Smith

    Head Football Coach, University of Arizona, 1980-1986

  • “While on the surface it may seem that Jay has a hard side, I have observed that inside he is a quiet, caring and very loving man. I have asked Jay to assist me in influencing the lives of others that have lost their way. Jay’s words, demeanor and guidance have diverted many toward the right path, many who may have otherwise, and without Jay’s help, made some very poor choices.”

    Rodger G. Ford

    President and CEO, SynCardia Systems Inc., Manufacturers of the CardioWest temporary Total Artificial Heart

  • "If you ever saw the movie `Donnie Brasco', `forget about it'. How about `Eastern Promises'? Not even close. Go see the real deal - Jay Dobyns. Hammered and tattooed steel makes up the man who regularly and truly placed himself in 'harm's way' - all for his country. A few more men like Jay and we should be able to lower the crime rate in this country big time."

    Donald Ferrarone

    DEA Special Agent (Ret.); Hollywood Producer, Screenwriter and Consultant on such films as: "Enemy of the State", "Bad Boys II", "Man on Fire", "Deja Vu", "Heat" and "Miami Vice"

  • "In 2005, Mr. Dobyns traveled to New Zealand and provided the keynote address at a symposium I helped coordinate. He spoke with the oratory skills similar to that of former Secretary of State Colin Powell while delivering a message that was meaningful and intelligent."

    William B. Leverett

    Former Regional Security Officer, U.S. Embassy, Wellington, New Zealand; Current Deputy Regional Security Officer, U.S. Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand

  • "Jay Dobyns is one of the very few among us who has walked the walk. His message is a terrifying reminder of the war on gangs faced daily by our Nation's law enforcement agencies, a war that affects each and every one of us. Jay speaks of a modern day 'call to arms' to the citizens of our country to battle the gangland crimes occurring in our very own neighborhoods. Be prepared for a gripping, real life tale of what is happening to, and around us."

    Boyd P. Drachman

    Founder and President, Drachman Leed Insurance

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